Saturday, 22 September 2012

Tackle Review – Airflo Streamtec Nantec 10ft 4/5#



Got this rod from Fishtec, they are a company that I get a lot of my gear from now. Partly because I know one of the guys that works there but mainly because I think the delivery is reasonable and the service is fast-
Airflo streamtec fly rods

After hearing  a lot of good reviews about the Airflo rods I decided that my next rod investment would be from their line. My two main river rods are both Grey's Streamflexes and I love them, however I am a student again now and could not afford to purchase a third, I needed a cheaper alternative and this rod seemed to fit the bill.

Description from Airflo: 

The natural evolution for Airflo's ever popular Streamtec range was the addition of Nano Technology into the blank, making it lighter, stronger and even more responsive than previously possible.
The Streamtec range of rods has a silky progressive action that works exceptionally well at short to mid range and due to the soft tip light tippets can be used without fear of being broken off. The 10' models are particularly useful for either Czech or French nymphing techniques. So if it’s a river or steam rod your after there’s something in the Streamtec Nantec range for you.

  • Single leg chrome rings
  • Lined stripper rings
  • Custom reel seat
  • Cordura Travel tube
  • High grade cork handle
Description from me: 

First impressions of this rod were all positive, the cork is as good as that on some of my more expensive rods and the matt finish is seriously sexy, all in all a nice aesthetically pleasing rod.
I got a 10’ 4/5# mainly for fishing techniques such as the duo and Czech nymph styles on the river and this is where it has been tested the past few weekends. It will soon also get an outing on Eyebrook reservoir where it will be used as my dry fly rod if anything is up on the top.

On the river it handled itself quite nicely, it handled medium range casts with ease and has a nice medium/tip action which gives good confidence when bending in to the fish. Currently there is a 4 weight line on the rod which in my opinion is not ideal, once a good length was out it casts really well but at short range (which is most of my fishing) it is pretty unresponsive. I am sure upping the line weight to a 5 will sort this and one has been ordered so I will report back on this when it arrives.
My only complaints about the rod are that it is a little heavy after extended use, almost a whole ounce heavier than the Streamflex equivalent from Greys (4.2 vs. 3.3 oz) and the handle is a bit chunky although others may find this comfortable I am more familiar with a thinner grip.

For the price I think the rod is phenomenal to be honest, £110 makes it much cheaper than the Streamflex (£240). The nantec may be half the price but it is certainly not half the rod, it is attractive and really nice to cast, once I get a 5# line on I hope the short range casts will be as good as those longer. Definitely a good investment.

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