Monday, 22 August 2011


So much for a relaxing evening on the river! I seem to be going through  a bit of a (what's the opposite to purple? Green?) patch at the moment. Tonight looked so hopeful, a very gentle breeze, slightly overcast, insects hatching all over the place but how wrong it all went. I saw 2 rises in 2 hours fishing and managed to raise a couple but couldn't hook them up. Still even with the blank it would have been a lovely evening on the river with the gentle sunlight and warm breeze, that is if I hadn't witnessed the death of a good friend. With a nasty crack my 8'6'' 4# streamflex decided to become a 5 piece. I am absolutely gutted as I loved that rod and I know how notoriously bad the Grey's replacement policy is. Bugger or stronger words to that effect!!!

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Taff troubles

Had my first few short sessions on the Taff this week after moving down to cardiff last wednesday and it has been a real baptism of fire. The banks along the club stretch are so enormously steep and high (some kind of flood defence) they would have a mountain goat crying for its Mum. I have also been attacked by a dog and propositioned by a chav all in its a fair bit more "colourful" than the sedate chalkstreams I cut my teeth on. Once you have evaded the angry dogs, refused the amarous Burberry clad masses and plummeted down the ravine you land in a little piece of heaven. Clear waters flow over enormous boulders which conceal our quarry.

So far my clumsy wading has limited my success but I am getting used to wading these fast heavy waters without a staff and am becoming more stealthy with every visit. I recently watched a John Tyzack presentation at the game fair where he pretty much summed up the approach I attempt when fishing. Feeding fish are easy to catch, scared fish are impossible. Our task is simply to get close enough to present a piece of fluff gently in front of a fish without it even knowing we are there. Easy right? Not with the mating call of the chav, barking of the alsatian and a vertical 20ft drop to the river it isn't.

Tight Lines