Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Taff troubles

Had my first few short sessions on the Taff this week after moving down to cardiff last wednesday and it has been a real baptism of fire. The banks along the club stretch are so enormously steep and high (some kind of flood defence) they would have a mountain goat crying for its Mum. I have also been attacked by a dog and propositioned by a chav all in its a fair bit more "colourful" than the sedate chalkstreams I cut my teeth on. Once you have evaded the angry dogs, refused the amarous Burberry clad masses and plummeted down the ravine you land in a little piece of heaven. Clear waters flow over enormous boulders which conceal our quarry.

So far my clumsy wading has limited my success but I am getting used to wading these fast heavy waters without a staff and am becoming more stealthy with every visit. I recently watched a John Tyzack presentation at the game fair where he pretty much summed up the approach I attempt when fishing. Feeding fish are easy to catch, scared fish are impossible. Our task is simply to get close enough to present a piece of fluff gently in front of a fish without it even knowing we are there. Easy right? Not with the mating call of the chav, barking of the alsatian and a vertical 20ft drop to the river it isn't.

Tight Lines

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  1. Dan,

    Whilst my river is smaller than the Taff it too is bunded, with very steep sides. You have to wade, but many pools are deep, so it's in and out.

    It can make for very hard fishing, but it has one advantage, you can look down at riseing fish. Take care and use a staff every trip. They make a good waking stick!!