Thursday, 30 June 2011

Time to Fish

Finally I have been able to get out fishing! I had two days of small stillwater fishing to scratch the itch over the weekend. The first was at Withern Mill, a lovely little venue with clear water lakes in Lincolnshire. They have a stretch of the River Oo running past the lakes and our day started by chucking dry flies about and catching a few trout from behind weedbeds. A pint bet on the biggest fish of the day soon had us on the lakes though chasing some of the large double figure fish we saw swimming around our feet, there were atleast two doubles that passed us in the day without showing any interest in the flies. In the end the largest fish was caught by me, a lovely brown trout of about 2 and a half pounds. I also achieved something I have been trying for a little while, catching a rudd on the dry fly.

The second session was on Ketsby syndicate lake and I very nearly achieved another first! I hooked my first ever blue trout, the bloody thing jumped and jumped and then jumped off. To make things worse Dad then laughed and laughed and proceeded to catch another blue. He is still winding me up about it now.

The only other fishing related news of the past few weeks has been my spending habit. Whilst I am still a working man before going back to Uni I decided to complete my river set up, I have purchased another Streamflex (I love my 8'6'' 4# and use it almost exclusively for all my fishing now), this time I have added the 10' 3# to my arsenal for short line nymphing. I am also the proud owner of the cheapest and smallest rod I have owned since I was a kid. I now have a 7' 3# Shakespeare Odyssey and at £30 with a tube provided it is an absolute bargain. I haven't tested it yet but the aesthetic and feel of it are surprisingly good and I have a sneaking feeling it is going to be a joy to fish with. Finally I have bitten the bullet and upgraded my river reel, the old plastic faithful is going on the 7' and a Danielsson Nymph is on it's way to me for the Streamflexes.

Got a lot of fishing coming up with a trip to the Eden planned as well as some small stream fishing nr. Bath. I am sure I will also find the time to fish my new club waters on the Taff with FTAC.

Hope you are all fishing more often than me at the moment!