Monday, 8 October 2012

Eyebrook Competition

Last weekend I did something I have never tried before, I fished a reservoir competition. My dad needed a boat partner and he scraped the bottom of the barrel and asked me to join him, me being a bloke who fishes a reservoir perhaps once a year and never really does very well. But we only bloody won it, luckily for us it was a bloody hards weekends fishing for the two day comp, I think the average for a PAIR of anglers was 1-2 fish per day. We only managed 2 on the first day and were put near the bottom of the table, we struggled for mosty of the day but then found a shoal of fish right at the death to get us on the board. The next day we went back to the same spot and managed to do well when others were struggling and managed to finish the day with 10 fish and won the competition by over 5lbs.

I must say here that I did not enjoy the fishing, our successful tactics were pulling lures on Di7 lines at a rate of knots, in my eyes fishing should not leave me exhausted at the end of the day, I would rather feel refreshed after my fishing thank you. In fact I now have bruises and a swollen hand from the weekend!

On the upside the prize was a weeks fishing holiday on the fantastic River Suir in Ireland, and that is some fishing I can get excited about! The pain was well worth the reward.

So if any of you comp guys out there want a boat partner with a 100% success rate in comps you know who to ask, can anyone say beginners luck?

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  1. Well done Dan, that's a great result and a resounding victory! Must be all the stockie bashing practise that you get on the Taff;-) Quite jealous of the prize!