Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Taff Update

Had some good fishing this weekend, well all fishing is good but this weekend was pretty exceptional. Saturday was spent on the Wylye again and we had yet another fantastic day with a lot of fish caught, all that was missing was the encounter with the big fish again. The French leader method is truly deadly on these clear waters with the delicacy outshining the more traditional methods, bring on the grayling season!

Sunday is probably better explained with some pictures, fished with Nick and Terry and had some fantastic sport on the Taff, both in terms of quantity and quality it was an awesome weekend.

2lbs 5oz of Taff bruiser, Terry has some weird connection with the Taff fish, using a floppy 8' 3# rod he seems to seduce them in to the net without too much fuss. They are like putty in his hands. This fish was actually dropped from the net before the photograph but with a few magic words it swam back into his hands for the glory grip and grin.

The fish of a lifetime for Nick, 3lbs 15oz of monsterous brownie. From a spot we have fished dozens of times and caught dozens of fish from before, the panic in his face when this fish leapt clear of the water was comical, he muttered like a madman for the whole fight. Prayers and black magic saw it safely in the net and he was soon swimming away safely back to the depths.

Edit: Removed the picture as I realised it makes it pretty clear where exactly these fish were caught and these fish have enough poaching problems as it is.

Leaky waders were a small price to pay for this days fishing. My own chances at big fish were all blown but hey they will be there next time right? 


  1. What a weekend! I'm sure you will up your pb soon! Don't be too greedy though;-)

  2. There are some cracking fish in the Taff, truly awesome fishing at the moment. How long do we reckon it's going to last? It'll last until they stop stocking it anyway! haha!


    1. Not even going to rise to that one Kieron lol. You know my opinion on stocking of the river mate.

  3. Looks like some good fishing. Can't wait for our season to begin again