Thursday, 18 April 2013

The Airflo Story

This video has been doing the rounds lately and I found it really interesting so thought I would share it.

Follow Airflo's Production Manager Richard Wothers for a behind the scenes look into the development and production of Airflo fly lines. An on the water and in the factory tour explaining Airflo's patented materials and processes.

I am actually doing a test of one of their latest lines at the moment, the SuperDri Elite 5wt floater, comparing it to my trusted Rio Trout LT, and preliminary results are good. It is a lovely casting line, floats nice and high but does not sit as straight as the Rio on the water. This problem may well be solved after it has had a chance for a bit more stretching as it was noticeably better by the end of my session with it (after 4 2lb+ fish gave it a nice stretch for me!).

I will put up a full review of it soon and will be using it a lot over the coming weeks as the business end of my new toy, a Guideline LPXe 9ft 5wt which is a phenomenal rod.

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