Monday, 23 May 2011

CARPe Diem

I apologise for the unforgivable pun I really couldn't resist. On a trip back to the area I grew up in (Sussex/Kent) I managed to find a few free hours on a quiet hot friday evening, and I certainly seized the day. By chance I had my 4# outfit in the boot and new of a little estate lake within walking distance of the house I grew up in that I used to float fish as a kid.

It had been a few years since I had even seen the place but I knew that on a flat calm evening the carp there would be slurping down the buzzers and other insects hatching from the surface.

I only had a 2 hour session but managed to land half a dozen carp all around the 5lb mark which were brilliant fun on the light outfit. All were caught by chucking a size 10 hares ear emerger in front of feeding fish, much more purist than my normal dog biscuit approach.

The lake was completely flat calm when I arrived, except from the rings caused by carp topping that is. There are two fish rising in this picture the closest was my first victim of the evening.

A beautiful little common carp. I really don't think that name does these fish justice, they are stunning to look at and fight like a steam train, anything but common!

This plump little mirror nicely finished off a fantastic evening of reliving my youth, only this time with a fly rod instead of wagglers.

I left the lake feeling like a little kid again, and went up the Anchor for a pint of Harvey's Sussex Best Bitter, the taste of home!

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