Friday, 22 April 2011

Syndicate Oxfordshire Trout

Managed my first trip in a long time last monday as a guest on a local syndicate water for an evenings buzzer fishing. Not much to report really, the water was crystal clear as always and the fishing was as hard as I remember it.

Buzzers were hacthing all over the 20 acre lake and fish were taking them with anger, many head and tailing in the classic feeding rises. Could I get one to take my dry fly? NO. I think the sheer number of naturals on offer made it unlikely that my little dry fly would veen get noticed and the size 18 shuttlecock weas undisturbed for a good 2 hours before I gave up.

Out came the 6 weight rod and on went a team of two superglue buzzers under a foam suspender buzzer. within a few casts I had my only fish of the evening a nice well recovered stockie rainbow.

The only other excitement came as I was stripping a minkie (did I say that out loud?) through a shoallow weedy bay. A sudden flash of green and a pike had severed my leader.

Still don't think I have cracked this lake, no where near, and hopefully I will be invited back. There are some truly monstrous resident browns caught by the pike guys well in to double figures. Next time I may bring sinking lines and large streamers in the hope of latching in to one of them.



  1. Was a balmy day that one around 20 degrees Celsius by dropped to around 10 again now. Seen the first mayfly and swallows are everywhere so think summer is on it's way now!