Saturday, 9 February 2013

Snowshoe emergers

I have just started playing with snowshoe hare as an alternative to CDC in my fly box, tonight's results are a definite improvement on some of the earlier ones!

Size 14 LDO emerger

 photo Developed-0869_zps0ee342fc.jpg

Size 19 emerger
 photo Developed-0859_zps115627b6.jpg

Also knocked up a couple of caddis pupa, still not found an imitation I am really happy with but getting closer.
  photo Developed-0867_zpsafedcfce.jpg


  1. Hi Dan!

    Very nice flies! I messed around with this material a few years back but didn't really get the hang of it. A very nice article was published in a Swedish fly fishing and fly tying magazine "Fly & Tie" about a month ago. Read it last night and it gives very good tips on how to get the best out of this outstanding material. Will try it out more the coming days. Thanks for sharing!

    Kind regards,
    Mats Olsson

    1. Cheers Mats

      It really does seem a tricky material to get the hang of but I think I am starting to make progress now. We will see how they fare on the river. If they catch as well as the CDC versions but are easier to maintain I can see a lot of old favourites being replaced.


  2. It's a good material, Dan. I've used it a bit this winter for some small patterns when the odd grayling has been rising. Got some good days out of just one or two flies.

    I always treat my flies in Muscilin Silicone Dry Fly treatment - See here:

    It really, really floats!!