Monday, 14 May 2012

A Good Week (and a bit)

the last 12 days have seen me out fishing 6 times, and that simply cant be bad. I posted a report for the 3 over the bank holiday but thought I would also share some pictures of the other 3 with you. Won't drag this out with words so here are the pics.

Best of the weekend was yet again caught by Nick, I am seriously starting to believe this guy carries maggots in his pockets..

Cracking fish of 2lbs 6oz, a good fish for the Taff

My smaller (1lb 6oz) but very acrobatic addition, finally poached one form under Nick's nose instead of vice versa.

Back he goes


  1. Very nice pictures of very nice times with some very nice fish...

    What camera are you using?

    Regular Rod

    1. Those are taken with my new little Pentax WG-1. I have destroyed to many compacts now by slipping and dunking them, decided that a waterproof camera was the way to go and I am impressed by the results.

      The camera does have its drawbacks though especially compared to the little Canon compact I had before it. The zoom is purely digital and therefore completely pointless and the picture quality is not great in adverse light. All in all though I am happy to trade these in for the robust and waterproof qualities as for 99% of the pics I take it is perfectly adequate.


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  3. Nice images Dan! It was nice to meet you when you fished the osprey water, shame we forgot about the fly swap but im sure it will happen soon. 6 days in the last 12 is some going, I bet you'll hate it when you cant get out for a week or two ;)

    P.S. Check your email regarding discount :)