Thursday, 3 March 2011

Avon Carrier - 26th Feb

Avon Springs was a bit too easy to scratch my real itch, I needed some proper wild fish and at this time of year that obviously means grayling. As we left the B and B on Saturday morning the rest of our party, being well and truly under the thumb, had to go home to scrub the toilet or soemthing similar, I decided on a detour for a few hours fishing on my favourite carrier.

It was a short trip as I wanted to catch the afternoon rugby (grand slam is coming!) but 2 hours on my little stretch beats 2 hours in front of the television. Setting up I got some odd looks from a couple of coarse fishermen who were soon cemented to the spot with all their gear, not the way to fish this river. You need to keep moving as the grayling are well spread, even now, and the shoals you do find spook easily.

My roving approach quickly paid off and I was soon bringing a fair few small grayling to hand. The weather was mild and they were really on the feed, short line nymphing was the order of the day and every twitch of the leader was struck at.

Evetually this resulted in a dozen small grayling and 2 WBT, not bad for under 2 hours fishing, sure beats watching eastenders omnibus anyway.

Small but perfectly formed, this little carrier always produces for me.

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